18 animal Knitting patterns

18 animal Knitting patterns | Great DIY Ideas #knitting #animals

Do you crochet? Crocheting and knitting are such wonderfully relaxing pastimes. Even if you’ve never held a crochet needle, there are so many wonderful things that you can create. I know, because although I love the thought of crocheting, it’s not my best talent.

It took so long for me to figure it all out, and that’s why these 100 crochet patterns for beginners are so great – they’re all easy and perfect for you if you haven’t been crocheting long, or if you’re like me and find yourself struggling with the task a bit.

Crochet is a very versatile project and can be so much fun. You only use one crochet hook, as opposed to two needles with knitting, and the finished product is always so gorgeous.

There are seriously so many things that you can make if you learn to crochet, and I’ve found a great collection of easy patterns for pillows, hats, bags, hanging baskets, and so many other wonderful things, like these 20 free crocheted hat patterns that I shared previously.

Whether you crochet for yourself or to give as gifts, you are sure to find a pattern in this collection that is perfect for what you want. Imagine giving a hand crocheted baby blanket as a gift at your next baby shower or maybe making a new headband for your little girl. Most of these patterns take very little time so you could finish a couple in just a couple weeks, or even more than that if you’re pretty good at crocheting.

Be sure to also check out this gorgeous mermaid blanket crocheting pattern. It’s sure to be a favorite with girls of all ages.

I have a great pair of crocheted shorts that I bought for vacation this summer and let me tell you, they were not cheap. Luckily for you, there’s a pattern in this collection that replicates those same shorts, and the cost of yarn is much less expensive than what I paid for my shorts!

Seriously, you’re going to find something in this collection that you just have to make and I can’t wait to hear which pattern you tried. Because they’re all so easy, I’m even going to dig out my crochet hook and try a few of them myself!

This adorable cotton swab lamb is a perfect kids craft for spring. I usually see these around Easter, but they are truly great fun and easy craft any time of year. Simple supplies you already have on hand easily turn into a fun little lamb decoration in minutes!

This really takes me back to my childhood. I loved when the teachers at school would bring out the craft supplies. A simple piece of paper, glue, and some cotton swabs suddenly become an adorable little lamb.

Who could have imagined that what normally resides in your bathroom cabinet can easily turn into a beautiful little kids craft for Easter?

If you are looking for more Easter decorations, here is a great list of Easter crafts for kids and toddlers. Another fun and easy option is this rice filled sock Easter bunny decoration. Super fun to make and always a hit with the kids.

I recently discovered that you can sometimes find cotton swabs in pink and blue. How cool would it be to use those instead of the classic white ones to create a cute little lamb?In answer to the question, you can easily use different colored cotton swabs if you find them. Other options are to dip each cotton swap in paint then let them dry before gluing onto the paper.Most lambs are white, but kids use their imaginations for everything, why not change up the colors of a project like this?

This really depends upon the clothespins you have for the project. Some have flat shapes that are easy to stand up and stay sturdy. Others are more rounded or uneven, so those wouldn’t stand up easily on their own. If you want your cotton swab lamb to stand up instead of lying flat, you can prop it against something or add extra support on the backside with a craft stick.


At 29 years old, my favorite compliment is being told that I look like my mom. Seeing myself in her image, like this daughter up top, makes me so proud of how far I’ve come, and so thankful for where I come from.